“I am here now l Ich im Hier & Jetzt” Kunstfest Weimar
Holzdorf Manor Park (Weimar, Germany)
September 11 (with Audrey Chen and Yuko Kaseki)
September 12 (solo performance)

Bayreuth blättert
Neuneinhalb (Bayreuth, Germany)
August 7



Kammermusiksaal, Steingräber & Söhne Piano- und Flügelfabrik (Bayreuth, Germany)
September 2

Music for Airports
Villa Neukölln (Berlin, Germany)
October 27

Solo performance for “Listen to tea”
Spreeacker (Berlin, Germany)
August 18

Solo performance for “Listen to tea”
Thirsty Moon (Berlin, Germany)
February 3



Mini tour sehno [Masaya Hijikata + Shingo Inao]
Firmament Festival (Kielce, Poland)
December 14

Dzielnicowy Dom Kultury Węglin / „Peryferia” series (Lublin, Poland)
December 15

“VITRA” tour sehno
Muzeum Książki Artystycznej (Łódź, Poland)
October 7

Kulturhauz (Toruń, Poland)
October 11

Spatif (Warsaw, Poland)
October 12

Centrum Sztuki Galeria EL (Elbląg, Poland)
October 13

Klub Żak (Gdańsk, Poland)
October 14



(audio visual performance with Trashure Island & Baensch Studio)
Richard Wagner Museum (Bayreuth, Germany)
May 26
Monthly concert series “12 objects” vol.1 – 11
machamacha (Berlin, Germany)



Sensor Instrument Night (guest: Ruben d’hers)
Madame Claude (Berlin, Germany)
August 1


Sensor Instrument Night (guest: Hoshiko Yamane/Tukico)
Madame Claude (Berlin, Germany)
February 23


Solo performance with sensor instrument Qgo + Grand piano
(official event of the exhibition “Pinseltanz und Vogelbild”)
Kunstmuseum Bayreuth (Bayreuth, Germany)
November 9

NODE festival
Galleria Civica di Modena (Modena, Italy)
June 6

Club Transmediale Vorspiel
Apartment Project (Berlin, Germany)
January 24



Live: Shingo Inao + Atsuhiro Ito + Keiichi Sugimoto
UPLINK FACTORY (Shibuya, Japan)
April 18

CORPO/REAL (guest: Tomomi Adachi, Rie Watanabe)
Galerie Mario Mazzoli
February 24

Club Transmediale Vorspiel
Galerie Mario Mazzoli
January 25



X-Dream Festival Cyprus
ARTos Cultural and Research Foundation (Nicosia, Cyprus)
December 14

Solo performance with sensor instrument Tosso and Qgo
Neues Kunsthaus Ahrenshoop (Ahrenshoop, Germany)
December 1

Togo Curry vol.5 (Kyoka, Shingo Inao, Yuichi Yoshigiwa)
Treasure River Book Cafe (Chiba, Japan)
October 7

AMMO-NITE vol.36 (dance: Yuko Kaseki)
Dock 11 (Berlin, Germany)


Preparing For Darkness Volume 2: Breaking God’s Heart, Berlin
(Group exhibition, Curated Uwe Goldenstein)

Politics of Dissonance, Palermo, Italy
(Collateral event of the Manifesta 12, Collaboration with Stefano Canto, Curated Mike Watson)


Artefiera, Bologna, Italy
(Art fair, Galerie Mario Mazzoli)


BoCs art, Cosenza, Italy
(Artist in Residence, Curated Alberto Dambruoso)


body border body, Tokyo Wonder Site Berlin
(Group exhibition, Curated Aisuke Kondo)

Hong Kong Waters, Pavilion at the Milchhof Ateliers, Berlin
(Collaboration with Andreas Müller-Pohle)


Widerhall, Bolo Berlin
(Group exhibition)

The Tosso Variations, MU space, Netherlands
(Collaboration with Gabriel Shalom and Von Bardonitz)

Artefiera, Bologna, Italy
(Art fair, Galerie Mario Mazzoli)


Projected music, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin
(Solo exhibition)

Liquid Shell, IAC Berlin
(Group exhibition, Curated Wang Chun-Chi)


We are the islands, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin
(Group exhibition)

Art Brussels, Belgium
(Art fair, Galerie Mario Mazzoli)

Surface, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin
(Solo exhibition)

Artefiera, Bologna, Italy
(Art fair, Galerie Mario Mazzoli)


Squaring & Evidence, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin
(Duo exhibition with Serge Baghdassarians/Boris Baltschun)

Art Forum, Berlin
(Art fair, Galerie Mario Mazzoli)

Hoert, Hoert-Seht, Seht!, Neues Museum Weimar, Germany
(Group exhibition)

International sound art festival “tiefKLANG”, noerdliches Zugangsbauwerk, Berlin
(Group exhibition)

Anlage, Galerie Mario Mazzoli, Berlin
(Group exhibition)

ROMA -the Road to Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy
(Art fair, Galerie Mario Mazzoli)

ubiquitous oscillations, General Public, Berlin
(Group exhibition, Curated Shintaro Miyazaki)


Sounding Facets, Galerie Eigenheim, Weimar, Germany
(Solo exhibition)

dBale, Imprimerie, Basel, Switzerland
(Group exhibition & Concert)


Windows Interface, Mildred Kemper Art Museum, St.Louis, Missouri, USA
(Group exhibition, Curated by Sabine Eckmann and Lutz Koepnick)

Music as sculpture, Galerie Birgit Ostermeier, Berlin
(Solo exhibition)