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Shingo Inao

Born in 1980, Chiba, Japan,
Sound artist / Selfmade instrument builder / Performer
He studied sound installation/object with sensor system and computer music with Prof.Susumu Shono and Prof.Takayuki Rai at the Sonology Department of Kunitachi College of Music. After his study in Japan, he started to study media art at Hochschule fuer Gestaltung, Karlsruhe, Germany. He has finished the master program with the best score and an honorary mention at Bauhaus university Weimar, Germany.
(Prof. Robin Minard / major : sound installation, sound object and performance)

His works consist of two different media; exhibition and concert.

His main thema by exhibition is to realize musical potential between sounding materials in a room. In June 2007, he gave first solo exhibition at Gallery Birgit Ostermeier in Berlin. One work in this exhibition was selected by the curator Sabine Eckmann and Lutz Koepnick and
it was shown at the exhibition "Window | Interface" in Mildred Lane Kemper Museum, St.Louis, USA. Otherwise his installations and objects were presented on Media-Art festival Shizuoka(Japan), Series of Inter Collge Music Concert (Japan) und more exhibitions. He is an official artist of the Gallery Mario Mazzoli Berlin.

As concert activity he uses often his self-made instrument "Tosso" which there is now only one in the world.
He plays composed improvisation with physicality through this instrument.
His performance is to see, not only by opening or closing of his exhibition,but also by several events.
He participated in an events of Transmediale 2008 Berlin.
His concert is given until now in Heidelberg/ Mannheim/Karlsruhe/Ahrenshoop/Berlin(Germany),
Basel(Switzerland) and Tokyo.

Except for artistic activities, he works as organizer too.
His organized events is called "listening point".
One big purpose of the concert is to realize a space
on which not only public but also musicians too can "listen together".
Namely, "point for listening".In addition to,the listening as an activity expands more through this "point", it's meant,too.
With the connection of big interest to expanding of sound culture,
he was as translator in the project for catalogue of the exhibition "syn chron" of Carsten Nicorai in December 2005
at YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for Art and Media) and
the Website about projekt "SOL" which is realized by ZKM-Artist Florian Grond and Frank Halbig.

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