Qgo (self-made device with motion sensor)

Photo: Jonathan Gröger (c) 2010 Transmediale Berlin  Qgo Detail

water meadow (2009) at ZKM, Karlsruhe Germany

improvisation (2012) at Kunstmuseum Bayreuth, Germany

Landschaft (2009) at Electro Mechanica Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia
(collaboration with Matthias Fritsch)

Tosso (String instrument with motion sensor)

Photo: Christian Enger, Leipzig  Tosso Detail

improvisation (2012) at Neues Kunsthaus, Ahrenshoop Germany

improvisation (2014) at node festival in Modena, Italy

Other Performances

inside outside (2006) at HfG, Karlsruhe Germany (collaboration with Rie Watanabe)

reflected improvisation (2007) at HfG, Karlsruhe Germany